Core Values

 The Tuscarawas County Public Library System holds the following values to be at the heart of all it does:

As a library system, the needs of our communities are what we use to make decisions as a library system; the members of our communities — the majority of whom have voted in our favor during the recent levy — keep our doors open; partnerships with other community organizations are integral in expanding our library's image from a building with books to a cooperative organization that is a cornerstone of the Tuscarawas County community.
We are customer focused and deliver positive experiences—to both external and internal customers. The decisions we make as a library system focus on how changes and improvements will affect the men, women, and youth who enter and exit our doors, log onto our website, "like" our Facebook page, borrow our materials, and use our computers. We demonstrate friendliness, reliability, provide convenient and timely service, and are proactive in offering options and solutions to the public and each other.
We provide free and equal access to library resources and facilities. We support the open exchange of information and of ideas that represent multiple points of view. We value the benefits of diversity. Library employees handle requests for information in a manner that protects and respects every user’s right to know and right to read.
We serve the residents of Tuscarawas County with financial integrity. We respect the public trust through effective fiscal management, responsive leadership, and efficient operations.
We are constantly exploring new ideas and ways of doing things. We pride ourselves in setting our library apart through our pursuit of innovation as a means to keep all aspects of our library service contemporary, vibrant, and relevant for our customers. Administration values an environment where change is not feared, where new concepts are sought out and explored, where creative ideas can take seed and flourish, and where decisions are made looking forward rather than backward.
We value literacy, knowledge, and information. We recognize that the library’s role is to provide the communities we serve with access to information and the knowledge necessary to find, evaluate, and use that information. We value continuing education for library personnel and ongoing training in the latest technologies.
In its literal definition, "quality" means "degree of excellence." We deliver services with this value in mind — from the "degree of excellence" showcased at our reference desk during mind-boggling reference transactions to the professionalism that our circulation clerks exhibit with high-stress situations to the enriching programs presented by our children's, teen, and adult services staff to the collections that are on our shelves to the upgraded technology found at each of our locations.
We celebrate the diversity of our experiences, build connections, maintain open lines of communication, and trust each other. We believe that through teamwork everyone truly does achieve more, and we recognize that through teamwork our customers are better served and our organization prospers.


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