1. Loud talking, profane language, and any behavior annoying to others is not permitted in the library.

2.  Individuals using computers in the library may not send, receive, or display text or graphics that may reasonably be construed as obscene.

3.  Consuming food is limited to those provided in library programs; non-alcoholic beverages, in a covered and spill-resistant container, may be consumed away from computers and other electronic equipment.

4.  Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are prohibited on library property. There is to be no smoking or use of snuff or chewing tobacco in the library.

5.  No one is to run inside the library.

6.  There is to be no loitering in entry areas, on the stairs, or around the restrooms.

7.  No one except authorized staff may play audible music or other recordings in the library.

8.  Writing on, cutting, or in any way defacing furniture, books, or any other library property is prohibited. Those responsible for such defacement will have to pay for needed repairs or replacement.

9.  No one except authorized staff is to enter closed-off areas at any time. This includes areas under construction.

10. Individuals must dress in a manner appropriate to a public place. This includes, but is not limited to, wearing a shirt and shoes.

Individuals violating this code of conduct will be required to leave the library.

Repeated violations of this code of conduct may result in loss of library privileges.