Notary Policy

Notary service is available during regular library hours when Notary staff is available. It is recommended that you call ahead of time to ensure a Notary is available and checklist below to confirm that we are able to notarize the type of documents that you plan to bring with you. Arrive at least an hour prior to the time of Library’s closing so that we have adequate time to process the paperwork. Notary service is one of many services provided by the Library and not the Notary’s only duty; you may be asked to wait while the Notary attends to other library matters.

Notary Guidelines:

  • Schedule an appointment or see if a notary is available by calling Main: 330-364-4474, Bolivar: 330-874-2720, Strasburg: 330-878-5711, Sugarcreek: 330-852-2813, Tuscarawas: 740-922-2748.
  • Please bring a valid, government-issued photo ID and unsigned documents to be notarized. The name printed on the ID must be an exact match for the signer's name. Documents requiring an oath must be signed in the presence of the notary in order to be valid (ORC Section 147).
  • Ohio law (ORC Section 147.53) requires that the person(s) signing the document(s) to be notarized appear in person and present proper identification. Valid forms of identification are:
    • Driver’s license
    • State-Issued ID
    • US Passport
    • US Military ID or
    • US Permanent Resident Card (“Green Card”)
    • If you are under 18 and do not have a Driver’s license/state ID, please bring a certified copy of your birth certificate or a current school ID (with photo).
    • Medicare Card
    • Social Security Card
    • Conceal Carry Card
    • Consular Card
    • Non-US Passport
  • You must bring your own witnesses, if needed. The library does not provide witnesses and witnesses may not be solicited from staff or customers using the library.
  • Please complete all information above the signature line completely leaving no blanks. Blank spaces not used in a document should have a line drawn through them so that no one can add to the terms of the document after it was signed.
  • Documents to be notarized must contain a Notary Public jurat or acknowledgement. If the document(s) does not include this, the Notary will have to attach a certificate to the document before it can be notarized.
  • Ohio law requires that the notary and the customer seeking notarization be able to communicate directly with each other and with witnesses. The Library is not permitted to make use of a translator to communicate with a notary service customer. At this time, our Notary staff speak English. In addition, two Notary staff at the Main Library speak Spanish.
  • Documents not written in English can have signatures notarized if all other requirements are met and if the signer can communicate clearly with the notary, without a translator, and indicate that they know what they are signing and that they are signing of their own free will. The signer will have to determine and tell the notary if an oath is required. If foreign documents do not have the notary certificate in English, the notary will have to attach another certificate.
  • Notaries cannot pre-date or post-date an action, prepare a legal document or give advice on legal matters, or notarize documents in which they have a personal interest.
  • In accordance with Ohio notarial law, notaries will not provide service if the customer, document or circumstances of the request for notary service raise any issue of authenticity, ambiguity, doubt or uncertainty for the library. In this event, the library notary may, at his or her sole discretion, decline to provide notary service.
  • The Library’s free notary service is intended for simple documents (auto titles, etc.) that do not require special expertise. Documents we will not notarize:
    • Real estate transactions including mortgage and housing refinance
    • Documents, including Quit Claim Deeds
    • Wills
    • Financial Power of Attorney
    • Employment eligibility verification, Homeland Security I-9 Forms
    • Auto titles without buyer address and name (state law requires this section be completed, regardless of circumstance.)
    • We suggest checking for mobile notaries in Tuscarawas County for documents that the library will not notarize.

The Notary’s role is limited to authenticating the signature presented. Customers should be aware that notarizing a document does not constitute a legal review of the document’s contents. A Notary Public is not a licensed attorney. Notaries cannot provide legal advice or counseling regarding documents.

Board Approved 9/20/2021

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