Test Proctoring

How do I schedule an exam?

Call 330-364-4474 ext. 231 to request a proctor. You will be assigned a proctor at the library who will work with you to schedule your test(s). Once your exam has been scheduled, it is your responsibility to make arrangements with your testing institution to send exam materials/passwords to the proctoring site. Please notify us regarding any changes that develop. Tests received without an appointment made in advance will be returned.

What does the Library do for test proctoring?

The librarian who is your test proctor will verify student IDs, present exam materials, review exam instructions, and monitor students from a distance and the exam time.

Are there any fees for test proctoring?

There are no fees for this service.

What kinds of exams can the Library proctor?

Both online and paper exams can be proctored. Paper exams that are mailed or emailed to us can be proctored. Completed exams can be scanned and emailed as attachments.

Is there a Study Room or classroom I can use for the exam?

The Library cannot offer a classroom setting. Out tables and computers are in a public space, and complete quiet and privacy are not always available.

What should you do on the day of the exam?

Please arrive promptly at the scheduled time. Bring your student ID, current TCPL library card (required for using computers), and any other allowable testing materials (e.g., calculator, pen, pencil, scratch paper, notes).

Any other questions?

For ant additional questions, call the library at 330-364-4474 ext. 231.