Thu, Apr 9, 2020 -- Main - CANCELED OUR Children Resiliency Roundtables at 6:00 PM

2nd Thursday of each month 

January 9thOverview of Tuscarawas County Kinship Caregiver Resources
Receive more information about local resources available to help meet the family’s needs. 
February 13thKinship Caregiver Legal Questions Answered
If you are caring for the child(ren) of loved ones, discover how the Courts, Job and Family Services, Child Support, and Legal Services may impact your life.

March 12thKinship Resources for Youth with Developmental Delays
Gain knowledge about the Board of Developmental Disabilities’ eligibility process, services available, and how to support your loved one’s needs within a variety of systems.     
April 9thTrauma Education and Support for Kinship Families 
Learn from local agencies that help support families
through education about a variety of topics (impact of trauma on child development, social media and internet safety, and human trafficking). Hear about local opportunities for summer programs to support fun and resiliency building for the child in your home.    
May 14thKinship Family Resources to Support Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Health Needs
A child’s emotional, social, and behavioral needs can be impacted by their past and current environments. Find out what resources are available for the kinship family and children placed in their home that focuses on these needs.

For more information, call 330-364-4474. 

Location: Main Library